In today’s edition of #meatlessmonday , we’re taking a look at @thegoodburgersg The Black Tie ($18 for one ‘patty’). I’ve already covered how the Impossible ‘meat’ is basically just btec meat, even though I’m impressed that they managed to get it close to real meat. Now, we’re diving into the meat (or lack thereof) of the matter, and taking a good look at how sharp the Black Tie is.⠀

The brutal truth is that the truffle infused burger was rather forgettable, and failed to hit the piquant peaks that the Classic & the One Night In Bangkok did. The truffle was purposely toned down, and the reasoning behind that (if I remember correctly) is so that the truffle wouldn’t overpower the burger. @thegoodburgersg were right, but not in the way they expected.⠀

The burger overpowered the truffle aroma present, and even then the burger itself wasn’t as punchy on the palate as the other two options. The rocket leaves were blasting all the other flavours in the burger outta the stratosphere, and it wasn’t very well balanced. The truffle aroma certainly needs to increase, and perhaps a little stronger flavouring on the burger would pay dividends. In its current state, I’d pass on the Black Tie.

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