Everytime we are here, we always goes for their Chicken Cutlet Ipoh Hor Fan, $3.50. It’s cheap and good, except I find the braised gravy a lil salty, would be good if it’s a lil less salty.. Their Deep Fried Golden Crispy Chicken Cutlet is good!! Crispy on the outside and tender, juicy in it.. It goes so well with the thin, smooth and silky Ipoh Hor Fan! These Ipoh Hor Fan well-absorbed the dark braised sauce which taste so delicious! I like to leave my chicken cutlet away from the gravy so that it still stays crispy! Adding some green chilli brings out more flavours to it! Yummy lunch! #wingkeenoodle #chickencutlets #ipohhorfun #changivillagehawkercentre #wingkeeipohhorfun

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