I typically don’t put out reviews on Burpple, but this restaurant topped the list of my most disappointing visits and I just had to share.

We initially wanted to try Manzoku, which is the sister outlet of Chikuwa Tei. Upon making a reservation online, I received a text from the restaurant about transferring my reservation to Chikuwa Tei, explaining that Manzoku was closed temporarily due to consolidation of staff at the main outlet. No issues with that, as my experience only went downhill when we were dining in the restaurant.

We reached the restaurant at 7.20pm on a Friday evening and placed orders for chawamushi, chirashi premium don and wagyu don. The first two dishes were served approximately 20 minutes later, but my partner’s wagyu don was nowhere in sight. This was the case, even after I had finished eating. Keep in mind that I took my time to finish my food, taking multiple pauses in between as I had wanted to wait for his food to be served.

During this long wait, we noticed that the kitchen was not serving food at all for a period of time. We also saw two groups of diners leaving the restaurant, likely exasperated with the long wait time. This was something we contemplated doing so as well. After an excruciating hour of waiting, our wagyu don was finally served.

The food was not too shabby. But considering we paid $100 for the entire meal, the price point was not worth it at all. If you look at the picture of the wagyu don, you would notice one piece of meat that is made up of 80% fats. There were at least 3 pieces of similar fatty meat. Not sure why anyone would serve that to the customers.

This is definitely not one restaurant that I will be returning to.