Craving for @crystaljadesg dishes? You can now enjoy your favourite @crystaljadesg dishes at home with their fuss-free and super convenient meal-kits!

I love their meal kits as it’s so easy to follow and understand! Ready-to-cook ingredients and step-by-step instructions are provided in each meal kit. It’s really super hassle free as the ingredients are labelled accordingly to the steps and they are all cut, measured and appropriately portioned, ready to be thrown into the pan and cook! Super easy and tasty👍🏻!

The following are the meal kits that I’d tried:
Scallion Oil La Mian
Sautéed Premium Beef with Black Pepper Sauce
Mapo Tofu

My favourite has got to be the black pepper beef! It’s super tender and bursting with flavors!

@crystaljadesg meal kits are definitely suitable for those who want to have an easy and fuss-free meal yet not wanting to forgo the quality of the food.