For casual pizza nights, hit up WOP in Shah Alam's Precint Alami building. This low-key shoplot is adorned with a woodfired oven, telling of how their specialty Neapolitan pies are made.The pizza comes in a default 10-inch size, small enough to finish on your own, or split two with a friend — we recommend sharing for the best of both worlds. By that, we mean the Smoked Beef & Rocket (RM29) as well as the Spicy Shrimp Garlic (RM29). The former melds flavourful, fatty smoked beef with crunchy, bittersweet arugula leaves, and is best enjoyed with a drizzle of Tobasco sauce. Meanwhile, the shrimp pizza is juicier, starring garlic-fragrant shrimps covered in melted mozzarella. Their drinks, like the extravagant Freddo Milo (RM6) with condensed milk, run on the sweeter side. If it feels like a stay-in kind of night, there is the option to order via Whatsapp and pick up after. Delivery (from RM5) is available to Shah Alam residents with a minimum order of two pies.
Avg Price: RM20 per person