This is a HUGE WARNING that If you do try to buy from this shop during the peak hour, especially on the weekends, be prepared for a 1-2 hour wait. I bought this and it took about 1h15 minutes my order. I realised it was not because the stingray wasn’t done, but the vegetables. So by the time I brought the stingray home, it was not as hot as it should’ve been. Nonetheless, Chan BBQ has been featured on social media plenty, resulting in their widespread popularity compared to the other BBQ stalls there. The stingray was huge and meaty which honestly took me by surprise, I was afraid they would kinda cheat me out of. And give me a smaller stingray. The sambal when drizzled with lime was still on the drier side, and I’d prefer it to be slightly wetter with my stingray. Perhaps this would be different when served physically on a sizzling hot plate. Nonetheless sambal was really spicy and good, and generous at that! It was overall a good meal other than the waiting time and haphazard service.