Simple goodness. Love the crusty edges and tinge of sour-ness from the dough, pleased to find a huge piece of strawberry in the homemade jam ☺️

Glad we didn’t miss this place on this trip! They have an entire list of daily breads as well as specialty breads only available on certain days.

Daily breads include:
Large sourdough
Soy + Linseed sourdough
Wholemeal sourdough
Country rye sourdough
Olive oil roll
Wholemeal roll
Green olive + rosemary roll
Potato roll

Specialty breads include:
Potato + rosemary sourdough - thurs + sat + sun
Spelt sourdough - sat
Brioche loaf - sat + sun
Pain d’epices - fri
Apple + raisin + cinnamon sourdough - mon
Fig + Cranberry sourdough - tues + sat
Prune + roasted almond sourdough - wed
Fennel + raisin + cherry sourdough - thurs
Walnut + currant sourdough - fri + sun

Yummmm. ❤️ Where's the sausage roll? 🤣