Yes, this here lobster mac&cheese costs $35++, but there’s a reason why the premium is worth it. It’s the best motherhuggin’ mac&cheese in Singapore, and I can back that up.

First of all, just look at it. Look, look, look! There’s an entire French village’s annual supply of cheese in there! All that cheese is brilliantly broiled till it’s all melted and charred & absolute perfection, and below that blanket of cheese is where the macaroni sits. Lemme tell ya this from experience: that blanket of cheese is the best damn #cheesepull picture you will EVER take, and it’s even more delectable when it’s making savoury, saucy love to your tongue.

The macaroni positively DROWNED in a majestically moreish mornay sauce, and I went in on that cast iron pan with a spoon to make sure no drop got left behind. The lobster was admittedly lost in the cheesy chaos, but when you bit into it, you’d know for sure. It was fantastically firm and spectacularly supple, all the expected hallmarks of a fabulously fresh lobster.

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