From Hook on Food at Oxley Edge; part of Hook on Books which retails Chinese books mainly for children but also has a space dedicated for adults for book exchanges or just for quiet reading. Hook on Food serves up takeaway Taiwanese fare — the Braised Pork Belly Bento usually comes served with braised pork belly and egg, pickles and shredded chicken; our order came with onsen egg instead for the braised egg was not available on the day of visit. The pork belly was tender; fatty but with just enough bite, whilst flavourful from the braised liquid which was pretty balanced — not overly strong or salty. The pickles helped to cut through the meatiness; slightly saltish with a tang and a spicy kick, while the shredded chicken, being pretty fine and consistent in texture, provides a contrasting meatiness to the braised pork without stealing the limelight from the main character of the show. Liked how the portions are pretty generous; just enough sauce goes around the rice beneath, whilst all the elements were seemingly proportionate as well. Pretty delicious; something which I wouldn’t mind having again!