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Taking after their stall in Money's Corner, Moorthy's Mathai in USJ is also no less a success. The neighbourhood banana leaf restaurant is split into several seating sections: one with air-conditioning, one without and even one for private events. Stage your next group gathering here with sumptuous banana leaf spreads in tow. The Banana Leaf Rice Set (from RM6.50) almost always comes laden with good dishes like masala squash and stir-fried beansprouts, finished with a splatter of curries of your choice, from chicken to fish and dhal. We recommend the intensely flavoured fish curry, and be sure to ask for it to be served piping-hot! Similarly good to go with this gravy is their Roti Canai (RM1.60), an especially tasty version that packs a good bite while still remaining crisp on the edges. When it comes to sides, have a field day at their buffet line featuring both raw meats (for frying) and cooked dishes. Snag a plate of Deep-Fried Bittergourd (RM2.50) if it's still available, along with an order for their unusually large and juicy Fried Chicken (RM7). A few visits to this haunt should be enough to warm the staff up to you, which means they will go to extra lengths to make sure you are well-fed — like spooning up extra portions for your plate!
Avg price per person: RM15