New food place listed on Burpple Beyond - +886 Taiwanese Bistro!

To shorten your wait, do call / whatsapp the bistro before heading there to self collect orders as they seem to have quite alot of delivery orders.

Items I tried
-Chicken Mee Sua ($5): Super silky soft mee sua! Much thinner and smoother than shihlin’s! The vinegar taste in this meesua is also less strong (which I like! Usually i will ask for no vinegar)
-Chives and pork dumplings ($5.8 for 6 pieces): Got this because 1-for-1 order and was buying a meal for 3 pax. Was ordering without the benefit of a photo, and I thought this will be like a fried gyoza dumpling. But it turned out to be the chinese steamed kind. It was slightly dry? And somehow there werent any chilli given. Not sure because it was left out or they dont provide any chilli for such dumpling orders.
- Ah Bao Braised Pork Rice ($5.80): Got this because dining companion was craving Lu Rou Fan for the LONGESTT time! I tried one scoop of it and didnt really fancy it, tooo fatty for me!
-Scallion Chicken Rice ($5): Supposedly served chilled (the chicken), but it didnt seem very chilled to me. Maybe because it was a takeaway order so all the other food also turned lukewarm. So this was actually pretty good for me, surprisingly! Or maybe because I was too hungry by the time the lunch reached my house!

Do note that the burpplebeyond 1 for 1 is only for a subset of the menu. In this case, only for the first two items listed above (chicken mee sua and dumplings). I must say it was slightly pricey at $5+ for the other items considering the portions. But on the whole, still an affordable place, considering it is a dine-in bistro!