Had the mushroom minced meat noodles with mee kia. Was disappointed as I was craving for a good bak chor mee, but this was more like a watered-down version of their Jap mee pok (which I’ve tried in previous visits). No vinegar or tomato sauce, instead the noodles tasted like lard and mushrooms. Even though I ordered dry there was a noticeable amount of soup in the bowl. The mee kia also seemed thicker than normal mee kia. Noodle texture could be more springy, was slightly too soft for my liking. $4 came with 2 pieces abalone, 2 meat balls (very firm which I liked, otherwise nothing special), sliced pork, a good amount of sliced mushrooms (sweet but also nothing special) and a bowl of soup (sweet and tasted like tau geh). Would only recommend this if you don’t like their Jap flavours but want to try something similar, or if you like lard-y mee pok.
Tried some from my friend’s Jap miso dry mee pok. The noodles were firm and the miso-garlic taste was good. The char siew wasn’t as good as previous visits though. It was a thick chewy slab of pork (size was good) but a bit tough and plain, didn’t taste any marinade. Don’t recall if it tasted different previously but I also don’t remember feeling so unimpressed by the char siew before.