Found another heaven for clean-eating! I love the extensive options and reasonable pricing (a regular sized meal priced at $12.00, with 2 bases, 1 protein, 3 supplements, 1 topping and 1 sauce). A reg-sized meal suffices to fill up one for lunch (no food coma!) Their bases were pretty ordinary - you've the regular lettuce, quinoa, brown rice and pasta. However, the selections of protein and supplements were unique! For proteins, they're mostly seasoned and flavoured. Instead of boring steam/ sous-vide chicken that tastes bland, theirs comes roasted to a golden brown. Their dory fillet was herb-crusted and elevated the taste of the otherwise rather bland dory. They run seasonal specials at a top-up, such as lamb sausages (for Xmas) too! I love their maple-roasted yam (must, must try) and charred broccolli. For sauce - pesto vinaigrette is definitely my go-to!