[Muslim Owned] Hot Chocolate is one of those drinks that I feel many would underestimate in how brilliant it can get.

And honestly, you can’t really blame them cause it’s not hard to imagine what goes into a cup of the non-caffeinated classic. Even the famed cup of French hot chocolate is nothing more than milk/cream and chocolate. In other words, the glass ceiling is pretty low.

However, when you venture beyond the conventional and waddle in the waters of experimentation, you can get some unexpected but darn amazing results.

That was the case with this Hot Mango Chocolate ($5) from Alto Café, a Muslim-friendly café nested in a condominium located in Bayshore. 🥭🍫 Every sip was a blend of velvety smooth hot chocolate and a punch of tropical-sweet mango flavour.

And the best bit happened at the last sip; this was the very first hot chocolate where that still tasted smooth. There was none of the grainy texture that traditionally comes with the final few sips of chocolate drinks. I personally never minded it, but I gotta say — I never knew how refreshing it was until I had this!

I still think about this, and it takes the title of the second best cup of hot chocolate that I’ve had. It’s bested only by the Hot Chilli Chocolate I had at a coffee shop in Edinburgh, Scotland during a vacation some years ago. 🤤 (9.5/10)