1.5 munchies: Apparently I was told that the Chicken Gyro Falafel from The Halal Guys is a must-have after visiting the MoMA. Just when I was anticipating to be wow-ed by this value-for-money dish (US$7), the rice was tasteless and strips of chicken were dry. The "special" white sauce also tasted like regular mayonnaise to me.

Little had I known that this meal turned out to be the most miserable and painful one I've ever had. Not only was I shivering and struggling to eat my food by the road at -2° C, I was also later contracted with giardiasis – an infection in my small intestine that was caused by a microscopic parasite. Another NTU classmate of mine, who had eaten the wrap from the same roadside stall a few days before I did, got it far worse than me. She even had to be sent to the Emergency Room and put on drips!

This is why I don't usually eat or get fascinated by street food when I travel. Not anymore, ever. #munchinginNY