A visit to Amoy Street FC will usually mean a bowl of sliced batang fish soup from Han Kee for me. Unfortunately for me, Han Kee was closed for an unscheduled rest day during my recent visit. I was super gian for sliced fish soup and decided to have Piao JI, which is the other popular fish soup stores at Amoy Street FC.

Whereas Han Kee focuses on batang fish, you get a little more variety at Piao Ji in terms of the fish (batang or pomfret fish) and seafood (prawns).

Piao Ji serves their sliced fish bone-in which some diners (like my mum loves). I have osteoichthyophobia or a fear of fish bones and this annoys me all the time. The fish though is fresh and tasty.

Piao Ji will appeal to those who prefer their soup "heavier" because they use a fair bit of fried shallot and fried pork lard crackling. Yes, it makes the soup more savoury but it also makes the soup more greasy.

As for me, I personally prefer a clean and lighter soup which is easier on the tummy so if I have a choice, it will be Han Kee!