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Mako teck Neo

At the food court at Tangs is a Nonya delicacy shop dishing out a good variety of mains and kueh .

Not the best I would say but good enough for a quick meal in the heart of Orchard.

Their dry mee siam is interesting because it comes with a splash of gravy that has a hint of coconut milk.

It would be better if some bean sprouts were thrown in for some crunch and variation because the whole dish was lacking of some fibre and contrast .

Sad that they use a microwave to heat up the mee siam ( which I disapprove ) but these days - which food vendor really cares?

I wouldn’t recommend that you get the rice set too late in the evening because I had a bad experience of hard and dry rice which was just thrown in the microwave to be warmed up.

Skip the kuehs and go for their mains 😊 ( early ) .