Spotted this another new stall named Hock Lai Seng 福来成 at the hawker centre selling only the Fishball Bak Chor Me. What you need to decide here is the type of noodle and the portion you like.

To enjoy the best of it, I definitely recommend you to go with the 2nd choice which separates the noodle and the ingredients in soup.

Interestingly the man behind the stall who preparing the foods is actually the grandson of the popular “Ah Ter” at Amoy Street Food Centre. So he ventured out himself and opened this stall here.

I would say the the bak chor mee mixed with a very heavy kind of taste here, making it very rich and robust.

As for the soup, you really taste the sweetness from it that come from the minced pork and seafood.

But I would want to say the strong taste seems making me very thirsty after that for the rest of the day.