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Yet another participating restaurant of Burpple Beyond that specialised in pizzas, DePizza was situated just between a burger joint and a boutique gym, so they sort of made sure that you climb a flight of stairs and dine with some background thumping noise during your meal. But it was quite exciting to come in because they had a few special pizzas that were kind of special.

The GLY Pizza (front, S$23.00), was a creation incorporating “Zi Char” favourite Sweet & Sour Pork, so they had a sweet sour sauce base with countable chunks of pork, pineapples, capsicum and onion. Unfortunately, the letdown was actually that the miserably little pieces of meat were also dry and tough, so at some point I did wish the meat were not there at all.

On the other hand, the Sashimi Pizza (S$27.00) was slightly more promising, though there was also a not very friendly smell coming from the salmon, which disappeared quickly after consuming it with their mayonnaise base and seaweed flakes. Plus, the thin crispy crust made it feel like I was eating a gigantic salmon tapas, which made me wonder if decorating the pizza with some Mentaiko sauce could bring out more of the Japanese essence to the Italian fare.

But one note of caution to Burpple Beyond users: the staff still charged me for the service charge for the “lower price” pizza, unlike most of the other restaurants which would waive off the service charge and GST for the second item, just in case if you would be calculative on that.