Since it's introduction, Mala Xiang Guo (Mala Pot) quickly became a staple food source for Singaporeans. Spicy, salty and tongue numbing, Singaporeans didn't once think twice about the suffering they'd have to endure for the taste of a good Mala Pot. But more often or not, the non-chilli lovers got left out.
Well not anymore!

Straight up, Singaporeans have an obsession with everything Salted Egg. Salted egg fries, chips, fish skins... the list goes on.
And just when we though that there could no longer be any new Salted Egg food, along came Three Good Guys to introduce us to Salted Egg Xiang Guo.

At a glance, it may seem like another gimmicky attempt at drawing customers (aka a certain fast food joint that came out with a sorry excuse for salted egg fries) but don't be fooled.
The trademark Salted Egg Xiang Guo is mind blowingly good. And it isn't the usual, slightly sweetish salted egg sauce either. It's smooth, rich and creamy yet packed... and I mean PACKED with salted egg yolk.
Every bite gives you that distinct salted egg taste and texture yet is very well balanced and that pinch of spiciness from the chilli ensure that the dish wasn't surfeiting.

What's most important is that nothing is over cooked.
Vegetables were still bright green and crisp, meat was tender and the King oyster mushrooms were juicy and tender.

Overall, if you're a salted egg fan, you will instantly fall in love with this dish.
Even if you aren't too big a fan, give it a try and this just might change your mind.

Overall, a fantastic and very uniquely Singaporean dish opened by Three young hawkerpreneurs.
Stay tuned too as they hope to be release other unique flavoured Xiang Guos in the near future.

Two thumbs up and a wagging tongue to Three Good Guys!

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