Located at the basement of Vivocity is this ramen shop that specialises in shrimp-broth ramen. We were impressed by the hot flavourful broth, one can definitely recognises the distinct prawn taste in every sip. Paired with thin threads of la mian, this bowl has become our new comfort food! As for the dry version, it’s more on the spicy side due to the chili vinaigrette sauce. At first try, we were taken aback by the choking taste of the chili. So, do avoid if you are not a fan of spicy stuffs. When deciding between the dumplings, shrimps and ebiko prawn paste, we would highly recommend you to give the ebiko prawn paste a try! It is super flavourful, firm and bouncy. Coupled with the ebiko bits in the prawn paste, it gives this ball of goodness a juicy bite! As the shop also offers tonkotsu broth ramen, we would most likely give it a try the next time we visit.