Roast duck rice but instead of having it in your good ol’ hawker centre, have it in a restaurant housed in a shopping mall (bearing of course, a higher price). Duckland is a concept restaurant by TungLok, offering a range of dishes surrounding one type of meat - (surprise) duck.
Paying $12 for duck rice is definitely not a good deal - but I had to try it for myself to see what so special for it to be served at an exorbitant price.
To be fair, this plate tasted better than it looks. It looks and feels plain, and somehow, rather disappointing. The rice tasted healthy - it wasn’t the extremely oily rice you’d get from your local chicken rice stall. At that added dash of yellow corn further gave a healthier kick to it. I for one enjoyed the salted vegetables on the side like always, but for duckland this wasn’t anything special that stood out from other stalls.
Onto the main piece, the duck. The sauce was light yet flavourful. However, I can only lament at how stingy they were. The juice covered bits of the duck, and eating it with the rice just made the overall experience feel dry. Personally, I would prefer more sauce at my disposal, and not having to scrimp and save the sauce to make sure I get an ~even~ eating experience.
The meat itself is tender, and of course with the bones removed I can’t complain much. Yet, the portion was arguably small for a $12 plate. Furthermore, priding themselves on the fact that their ducks are Irish bred, I really couldn’t see an advantage. Taste and flavour wise, I would definitely prefer the roast duck outside. Unless they meant for Irish duck to be lean, then I Guess it did fulfil the condition. Nonetheless, the duck was a good balance of tough and tender, and eating it did not spark too much negative feelings.
I think the only gripe I have is the relatively exorbitant price for such a meal, but what can I say - restaurant price for a restaurant style dish in a restaurant. I guess everything is ultimately worth a try, and the beauty of duck will always be in the eye of the beholder.