Was back the next day, that's how good the noodles are. It's got a better texture when u dine in, less soft. Got it without chili this time and it doesn't make much of a difference honestly.

However the uncle is really, really unpleasant. (That's all about the food, the rest is about the uncle. Do consider if he is worth the food, otherwise come at the crowded time so he doesn't talk to you much)
First of all he's very snappy, and giving you attitude no matter he's busy or not. Doesn't answer questions properly, I asked him what is in the black sauce and he told me opium. Ya whatever it's a stupid joke but I didn't catch it twice cos he wasn't speaking clearly, then he snapped at me the third time.

Following that he asked me where I'm from and started commenting on my people, being a racist and sexist at the same time.

He deserves credit for the effort he puts into his food tho. People bear with his nonsense and the long waiting time because the food is really that unique. But whether u want to is your personal choice, I would try it once at least

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