Take note this is the one pax one, there's also a 2 pax one which is the more prominent one on the menu

It's passable, not nearly intense enough. There's also a lot of potatoes, much more than chicken pieces(tho they were enough)

Somehow i have to admit it's a bit addictive though, not very sure why. Also something interesting is that these 3 things:noodles, ckn and potato seem to harmonise extremely well, when I take a bite of only 2 of them I need to chase it with the third otherwise it doesn't feel complete

Chili absolutely sucks though, noodles werent very good either. It's stuck together and a bit hard, not the mention the shape is a pain to eat.

If you must order this, ask for knife shaven noodles as the experienced customers do. A lot easier to eat

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