Hadn’t dropped by Percolate in quite a while — was around Bedok on a Monday evening looking for dessert after a meal at Reiwa Soba Honten at Bedok Reservoir and found ourselves returning here just for one last dessert and coffee before heading home.

Being one of the items that we have yet to try on the menu, the Sesame Medley comes with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, sesame seeds and sesame oil — spiritually very similar to the discontinued Sesame Treat previously available at Apiary where the said dessert features various sesame elements, including a scoop of White Sesame Ice-Cream and Black Sesame Ice-Cream. Conceptually closer to a plated dessert, the Sesame Medley is intended to bring out the versatility of sesame in its various forms with the vanilla ice-cream being the canvas to bring out the characteristics of the sesame elements — the sesame seeds adding a roast-y hint of flavours and a crunch while the sesame oil drenched atop and puddling at the bottom perfumes of a evident scent typical of the oil — adds a rather alluring aroma and somewhat of a richness to the ice-cream that further enhances the smoothness of the vanilla ice-cream as well.

Percolate is one of the places where I am always looking forward to revisit — whilst their fare remains relatively simple as compared to the other specialty coffee establishments that claims to serve up progressive contemporary cuisine, the dishes here are usually more comforting with a local twist — from their range of croissant sandwiches to their Duck Breast Congee and Prawn Curry Mash. And there comes to occasional adventurous twist for their desserts — their Cold Brew Cheng Tng being a daring approach that sees a fusion of specialty coffee and a local dessert that showcases their knowledge in the craft. Needless to say, there is always something to look forward to here — especially since it’s difficult to tell what they have up on their sleeves, but one thing is for sure; the food here does speak to the heart without being too over-the-top.