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Where the Brown Sugar Fresh Milk (700ml $4.80) lacks is in the taste of the brown sugar; the milk is evidently the stronger component of the drink after mixing. That said, the pearls manage to keep me sipping on with their lovely soft and chewy texture as well as prominent brown sugar flavour and sweetness. 😋

At Bober, the menu extends beyond your typical bubble tea options, including creative infusions and fruit teas. I had the Matcha Strawberry Latte (500ml $4.90) which surprisingly infuses quite nicely; love the strawberry milk although it overpowers the matcha which in turn reduces the sweetness, producing a very mild bitter-ish aftertaste. I personally thought this is fine, but matcha evangelists should be on high alert when considering this.

For a non-milk option, I tried the Supreme Fruit Burst Red Tea (1000ml $7.20) which is ideal for our hot weather and perhaps a healthier option to consider; the use of fresh fruits not only provides some refreshingness, but the inclusion of real strawberries, watermelon, passionfruit seeds and so on makes this quite a healthy snack as well.

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