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S$4.80 for Gelato, S$1.50 for Puffone.
If you are sick of the same old waffles and the same old cones, it's time you try a Puffone! Puffone is a puff pastry made to be a cone. And like @ChurnCreamery 's usual waffle cones, their puffone can also be chocolate filled at no extra charge! 😋
The Puffone is pretty good- crispy, flaky and non oily. It's similar to a croissant but is thicker and harder since it needs to hold chocolate and ice cream without turning soggy. I did detect a hint of bitterness but not too much. Coupled with the sweet but non-cloying chocolate filling, this is a cone that I'll come to have again and again.
A word of caution though, it's flaky so it will get messy. Thus, I'd recommend that you consume it in the cafe and not takeaway.
For gelato, I tasted their Matcha, Earl Grey, Blue Pea Sea Salt, Thai Milk Tea and Mystery Flavor. I liked all except the Mystery Flavor but loved their Blue Pea Sea Salt gelato the most.
Using the Blue Pea flower to give the gelato a beautiful bluish tint, this is essentially just a salted milk gelato since the Blue Pea Flower contributes no flavor to the gelato. But the balance between the sweet and salty flavors in this creamy gelato is just perfect for me!
#freewifisg (but you will need to check-in at regular intervals via Facebook) and #pokestop available!
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