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Dropped by Minka over the weekend after seeing posts on their affordable Japanese Donburi served only during lunch hours. While the Mini Sashimi Rice Bowl is the one to go for if price is a concern (priced at $13), the other items like the 3 Kinds of Marinated Tuna Rice Bowl are great for the occasional splurge, considering most items ranges from near $20 and above (this is priced at $19 btw). Here, the rice bowl features Otoro, Maguro and Minced Tuna; all pretty fresh, while providing a variance of textures throughout the entire bowl. What gave their version an extra oomph is the Yuzu-infused rice, which carries a zesty, refreshing note that works well in between morsels of fish; provides their variant a character of its own. Pretty value-for-money, considering the quality you get in return for the buck.