Cabillaud aux champignons ($29.90)

Beneath that fancy name is a simple, yet sophisticated cod dish. Juicy, moist, and perfectly cooked filet of cod, atop a red wine sauce that sort of eases the juxtaposition between the earthy mushrooms and fresh cod. It's easy to go wrong with fish dishes, but Paul certainly nailed it here.

Ordered the sirloin steak as well, and was blown away by the immense flavour and buttery texture that is reminiscent of Wagyu beef. Wasn't expecting much initially because Paul is known for their pastries and not their mains, but the quality of the steak really shone through. It was a pity that the tenderloin was sold out though.

Ended off with waffles and chocolate ice cream. And while there's nothing really to shout about, the chocolate ice cream is rich, without having that bitter taste associated with dark chocolates. In fact, there was a rather subtle sweetness that really plays well with the waffles.