SYIP has been one of those spots that have gained much attention during the Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) period when dine-in is restricted — the cafe had opened its doors close to the end of that time, and is located along the same stretch as Old Hen Kitchen along Owen Road.

Savoury French Toast isn’t a concept that is unheard of — in fact, countless iterations of such French Toast do exist, with the iconic ones that had a mark in the cafehopping scene being the French Toast Salpicon (a French Toast that comes stuffed with chicken, spinach and mushrooms and assortment of fruits over the top) from the now-defunct The Missing Pan, Savoury French Toast that features bacon originating from now-defunct RONIN (which lives on in the menu of Gather and PUNCH), and the French Toast from The Lokal — yet another rendition featuring house-cured bacon that no longer exists in their current menu; all these making their mark in the yesteryears of the cafe-hopping scene. While one may argue that it’s less controversial to offer savoury French Toast, the use of burrata in SYIP’s rendition is still a relatively fresh take — one that also actually turned out pretty well. For one, the thick toast (assuming that it’s brioche) have soaked up the eggwash really well here — there are some French Toasts out there that feels half-hearted, but I like how the bread here is already pillowy soft, eggy and custard-y on its own, and forms a great base for a sweet, or savoury rendition of the French Toast alike. Coming with the burrata over the top, I like how the cheese isn’t watery here; it’s reasonably creamy — but it’s how it comes lightly savoury that matches so well with the toast’s inherent sweetness. For those who prefer it just a degree sweeter, a slight drizzle of the maple syrup served on the side would do just enough to ante up those notes sufficiently. While the bacon is more of the chewy sort here, the sweetness from the maple glaze provides a balance to the typical savoury notes of the cured meat — essentially putting it into the same balance with the maple syrup, thick toast and burrata that further enhances the flavours of the entire dish.

Having also tried their other items such as the Seafood Rosé Linguine, Kahlua Tiramisu and SYIP Black Coffee, I must say that SYIP was one of the few places that left a strong impression — all the items we have had were on point; pretty rare to find a cafe that does everything on the menu so well. A space that is certainly worth making the trip for — somewhere that cafe-hoppers should most certainly add to their list of places to visit!