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My much-anticipated second dinner by @division_sg, this time with a bigger group of friends, was at a different “secret location”, still in the central part of Singapore. In accordance with their practice, we were served a different menu.
The opener was a beautiful and exceedingly fresh creation of sweet Kegani (horsehair crab), Bafun uni, Murasaki Ensui uni (the sea urchin stored in salt water), fruit tomato and Chef and co-founder Tariq Helou’s audacious soya sauce vinegar jelly.
Course number two was a genius take on our local prawn noodle and my second favorite of the evening. The vivid orange prawn head oil was the magical component, enveloping strands of Somen and the raw Botan Ebi with a slick of intense umami-ness as they broke the surface to head to my waiting lips. I can’t overemphasise the creativity and deliciousness found here.
Fishes headlined the next two courses. Bearing in mind Chef Tariq isn’t a sushi chef by training, I thought he prepared the Katsuo (skipjack tuna) and Amadai (tilefish) admirably well. Anyway, in my humble opinion, it was what he served the premium fishes with that gave them distinction: Month-long-pickled onions for the seared tuna and shiso salsa verde for the tilefish. Both were unerringly appetising.
However, without a shadow of doubt, the night belonged to the carbs.
And I dare say, it was the aromatic Matsutake mushroom rice paired with jiggly ribbons of A5 Ito Wagyu sirloin and finished with a splash of Nama Kosho sauce that reigned supreme for all of us.
Almost as heavenly was the Megumi Gold sweet corn rice that had French beurre salé (salted butter) and fresh kinome mixed in just before being served.
Dessert was choux puffs filled with a savoury-sweet vanilla and miso pastry cream. Chef wasn’t 100% pleased with it himself but I had no issues making it disappear all the same.
Co-founder Aidan who’s in charge of front-of-house, business development (basically everything but the cooking), presented each creation, kept our glasses filled (it’s BYO here) and ensured the evening ran without a hitch.