Visited the new Café Aux Bacchanales which had recently opened their very first overseas outpost in Singapore at Plaza Singapura — the Japanese-French establishment is almost like brasserie, cafe, and boulangerie all under one roof, and originates from Japan. It takes over the former premises of Eggs & Things in the mall, and serves a decently-sized menu that features a selection of soups and salads, entrees, meats (think Steak Frites), sandwiches, galettes, crepes, pastries and cakes — all that with an extensive beverage menu that carries a wide selection of alcoholic beverages to coffee and tea.

Felt that the meats were a little steep for my budget on the day of the visit considering it was a meal out that was completely unplanned for — so the Galette Au Jambon & Champignon works as a lighter item that worked better for the wallet. Wasn’t really expecting too much out of it but I would say that this was decent — their version of the Galette will work well for those who prefer softer, fluffier crepes in general; nothing close to the crisp, browned out crepes that French Fold or Gather serves, and seems to be of the eggier sort rather than the buckwheat rendition that is trendy these days. What is evident is the eggy fragrance of the crepe, lined with stretchy melted cheese that encases the shoulder ham within — a somewhat slightly more premium cut that wasn’t too greasy nor saltish, yet of a cut slightly thicker than your typical supermarket ham that comes off the packet. Coming with fried Enoki mushroom over the top, I liked how those provides a light crispness to the dish with an added texture, while the shaved cheese provides a slightly more pungent savouriness to the dish. Wasn’t too much of a fan of the button mushroom; seemingly raw and comes with a rather strong hint of earthiness that stood out quite a bit on its own, but all’s well when one breaks the egg yolk for that molten, golden goodness that helps to bind everything together with a silken texture.

Given the prices at Café Aux Bacchanales, its probably not a spot that I would think of dining at in Plaza Singapura; the steep prices does somewhat make it lesser of an establishment for the hipster crowd, but more of a spot that tai-tais may gather as a mid-day break from all the shopping in town — the menu and ambience seemingly being more tuned towards a more mature crowd. That being said, I am still pretty inclined to revisit Café Aux Bacchanales for the various bakes that they carry — items that I have already eyed on include the Paris Brest and the Tarte Tatin au Crème Chantilly; perhaps somewhere to consider given its proximity to the workplace!