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Our family’s go-to place for some authentic kick-ass cendol at my neighbourhood, Cendol Melaka’s version isn’t cloying rich yet still as sinful. The perfect sweet ending to any meal, their’s come highly customizable with different combinations for the toppings (red bean, corn, glutinous rice and durian puree). The classics go for under $2 but addition of ice cubes and shaved ice are chargeable for an additional 20cents and 30cents respectively. And with just the three basic components - coconut milk, gula melaka and pandan flavoured vermiform noodle (cendol), the simple dessert can be enjoyed in any weather. Sweet and slightly salty, I love mine with a mound of red bean paste; the thick gula melaka with its complex sweetness is so shiok when accompanied by the punch of lingering pandan fragrance from the slippery-smooth cendol strands. The coconut milk was also refreshing and thirst-quenching which is balanced by the natural caramelised flavour of the liquid palm sugar.