As the resident glutton, lunchtime in the office can be rather stressful because everyone is asking you where we should order lunch from today.

@wongkeewantonnoodle was one of those random choices which turned out to be surprisingly good.

The family behind the stalls owns a noodles factory in Malaysia and this perhaps explains why their egg noodles are so springy without the alkaline aftertaste and cooked to al dente perfection. The sauce is bold and flavourful and comes with big crispy chunks of lard to give an extra umami boost.

Their wantons (both fried and soup based) are made in-house and are fat, juicy and plump. The char siew is decent but at least they don't serve you the paper thin cardboard-sort.

Besides the egg noodles, Wong Kee also serves tomato and spinach noodles. I will definitely check them out the next time!