The dish was really the star of our lunch at Yun Nans today. The fish was freshly grilled and it was served to us piping hot and that made the fish taste really great! The exterior was charred slightly and it was covered in quite a lot of chilli powder, which gave the dish a smokey and spicy taste to it. The dish was a lot spicier than we expected to be honest, and if you are not good with spicy food, you may want to avoid eating the skin.

The meat of the fish was cooked pretty well too! It was not overcooked and the texture was just right! You may want to squeeze some of the lime provided over the meat (and not just the fish skin) because the meat can be a little plain on its own. For $22.90++, the dish was a steal, as the quality is great and the serving size is sufficient to feed 3 to 4 pax.