This was amazing. The chicken was grilled to perfection and the spicy sauce complemented it really nicely. I liked that it was grilled to crispiness on the outside, while the meat remains really tender on the inside. Tastewise, it was a delicious combination of slightly charred, smoky, salty and spicy. In case you’re worried, it’s not really very spicy, more of a mild level of hotness.

We visited on a weekday evening, and it was really packed - we had to wait for an hour in order to be seated. Perhaps because it was the last day we could dine out before Phase 2 Heightened Alert kicked in, hmm.

With the combo, it came with a Soontofu, hot stone rice, and side dishes (the usual korean sides). Pretty worth it as we were using the Fuzzie app which gave us 30% off.

Only downside was that because it was so busy, the side dishes ran out really quickly and we couldn’t get anymore kimchi or seaweed (the side dishes which were refillable). I also sensed that the staff were quite stressed and slightly irritable, they tried their best to ignore me whenever I tried to call them. When they reluctantly came over to take our requests, we only got our requests fulfilled maybe half of the time despite them saying they’d get to it. They weren’t rude though, despite the peak rush period stresses, at least there’s that.

Service aside, food was really good, and that’s the most important part for me! 🥳