Using a stock photo due to the current COVID measure dine-in restrictions—I did a takeaway and ate in the car and didn't take any photos. Do note that takeaways are usually not allowed for Beyond users but exceptions were made due to the COVID regulations.

We ordered the Sea Bass ($15.90) fish and chips, which was their priciest main dish on their menu. They have a good price range from below $10. All fried dishes include 2 free sides, but I topped up for premium sides which were Truffle Fries ($3) and Pasta ($1.60).

Boy: Fish tastes fishy. Nothing special for the ordinary chips, the Truffle Fries are better. Coleslaw was bad. KFC coleslaw taste better.

Girl: I hardly slam an eatery like that, but the fish was absolutely disgusting. Definitely makes the list for Top 3 worst Bass I had in my life. They make me not wanna eat Sea Bass for a good while because the fishy flavor was puke-worthy. A lot of the fishiness also comes from the skin of the fish; I think it wasn't washed/ treated properly before cooking. It was really gross, fishy and soggy beneath the crispy batter. The only thing good about the meal was the fries. Pasta was subpar, not sure why it comes as a premium side.

Overall, if you wanted to give them a shot, I would recommend getting other dishes and NOT sea bass. The normal fish and chips are half the price and the reviews on them are at least decent.

Overall ratings
Food: 2/10
Price: 7/10 with Burpple (for other mains, not Sea Bass)
Service: 7/10