Shin Kushiya offers a good selection of kushiyaki skewers which are either seasoned/ glazed with their proprietary salt-mix or their house-special Tare sauce.

The skewers are grilled over Bincho Charcoal, imparting a characteristic savoury smoky flavor. Absolutely fantastic!

A word of caution for those who do not fancy cheesy or dairy products; avoid the chizu maki if you do not absolutely love cheese. Might be overpowering for you.

My suggestion is to go for their signature kushiyaki skewers first instead of their tempura/ udons or curry rice sets etc.

My favourite skewer has got to be their Shoyu Yaki Onigiri (at $2.20 each). Their Shoyu Yako Onigiri is basically a grilled Japanese rice ball on a stick glazed with shoyu and some oil. I like this skewer as the rice ball has some browned crispy parts.

It is really hard to imagine something as simple as grilled white rice can have such wonderful aroma and flavour! Mind blown!

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