The friendly couple Jane and James set up the shop a year ago, and they were inspired to sell healthy bubble tea as their son enjoys drinking bubble tea. Jane has no prior experience in making bubble tea and she has gradually developed her own recipe over the year.

One 2 One Bubble Tea specializes in promoting healthy drinking habits esp among the students & working adults. The shop imports tea leaves from China and Taiwan & emphaisizes a lot on appreciating the health tea rather than the toppings. Also, One 2 One offers a full tea drinking experiencing, meaning that they do not flood the cup with ice cubes. Thus, even if you were to take away the drinks back to the East, it will not be diluted!
We have tasted the following drinks:
1. Dual cup- Earl Grey and Honey Peach (Neutral feeling towards the dual cup) 😐
2. Pinkcess (Similar to Strawberry Yogurt drink😋, no sugar added with Green apple jelly for visual purposes) 😃
3. Purple Lemonade with yogurt popping boba (one of my favourite drink here as it was really refreshing, perfect after heavy lunch, and the yogurt popping boba gives off the “magical” feel) 😋
4. Golden Oolong- light roasted taste with unique mango flavoured seaweed pearl, 50% sugar was added to allow us to taste the sugar effect and tbh i didn’t like it as it was too sweet for me.
5. Snow White (made of high quality fresh milk and has smooth texture, surprisingly that I like this although I am certainly not a milky fan ☺️👍)
6. Hawthorn Berry with bird nest 👍😋(refreshing, good for digestive system & regulates the blood pressure)
7. Luo han with chrysanthemum w/ peach gum
8. Coffee with grass jelly (tasty even though I dont drink coffee. Coffee taste is not overwhelming)

Personally, I agree that the drink is not suitable for ppl with sweet tooth as they might not like it. But why not we make a change today by starting a healthy habit and appreciating the fragrance of the tea instead of the “bubbles”. Thank you @milktreecreatives for the invite and @one2onebubbletea for the warm hospitality!