23 Dec’18, Sun☁️
📍The Green Ducklings
- Fried Carrot Cake with Nacho Cheese🧀
- Unagi Sandwich🥪
- Flat White☕️

Fried carrot cake with nacho cheese (and shallot) is something different and didn’t expect it to go well, not bad for a try, but suggest to share as it may go jelak at the end (greasy & cheesy).

Unagi sandwich is a miss in my opinion, it really depends, the bones wasn’t soft to the extent where I can consciously but still swallow them down my throat with the bread...the potato were nice though, I mean, potato can’t really fail right...=X

The flat white is along medium bodied coffee, not bad...

Think come once is enough...

Bonus: Cafe filled with pastel / Tiffany blue colour, quite instagrammable...

Damage: $18.80