Unlike the Jewel outlet, there’s a minimal queue at The Alley Luxe in Cathay Cineleisure. We got our drinks within 5 minutes and there were plenty of seats on Sunday night for us to enjoy our beverages. Note that the Deerioca series comes with a fixed sugar level. This was way too sweet for me, and I didn’t enjoy the cocoa after mixing it with the brown sugar pearls. The cocoa milk was pretty decent on its own before being stirred with the brown sugar, so drink it that way if you don’t like super sweet drinks. I can see why people do like the pearls at The Alley though, they’re QQ and just the right texture for bubble tea. While I wouldn’t order the Deerioca series again because it’s just too sweet for my tastes, I wouldn’t mind getting their other drinks with pearls.

Matcha Deerioca Brown sugar milk and Deerioca Brown sugar milk
Honestly not worth queueing for unless you have an extreme sweet tooth. Bubble tea stalls are a dime a dozen nowadays, and apart from having nailed the art of making tapioca pearls with just the right consistency, The Alley bubble teas just don’t stand out in the crowd. It probably boils down to a matter of preference - how much do you like brown sugar milk, or how important are pearls to you? Does it justify queueing for? For me, I’m out. Gong Cha or Koi are enough to satisfy my BBT cravings should they arise.