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First time trying lobster rolls and this was awesome! The brioche was buttery as it should be, and the lobsters were as fresh as can be, a true testament to the sea. It was quite light on the tummy so maybe you might want to order twice 😏. Comes with fries (you can add a dollar to upgrade it to truffle fries). It was quite expensive ($36) but worth the price as the quality of the dish was impeccable. Squeeze the lemon to add a touch of acidity.

Ordered the beignet, which is basically a rectangular shaped buttery donut and their fried calamari. Beignet is served hot and best eaten that way, it's excellent (3 for $3)! The fried calamari ($9.90) was awesome (batter not too thick and oily, squid fresh and springy).

Overall a 5/5 experience and would come again. Also worth noting that the staff were polite and service was prompt.

Great Seafood!!
Awesome Seafood (get Messy)
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Chilli Crab Bread Bowl [$97]
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Did you know that in the 1800s, some foods that we consider haute cuisine today, such as lobster, were so plentiful that they were fed to prisoners and orphans, and ground up into fertiliser?
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