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$15 curry fishhead

It’s worth every effort to get to the Esplanade mall to get to this pipping hot fishhead curry.
It is on promotion now and the usual price is $26.

Though the fishhead is small and not too meaty - the gravy is very aromatic and I must say it’s one of the best currries around . The gravy is piquant and well balanced -without being too milky or oily .

Served over a flame , the curry fish head remains boiling hot throughout the meal .

There is also a fair amount of beancurd puffs assorted vegetables. It would be better for the vegetables to be first blanched before arriving at the table because the tomatoes , cabbage and the Long beans were a bit too raw to be eaten ( and had to stay submerged for a good time before we could start eating ).

Ask for the omission of the okra because there might be a chance that they would be too stiff and old - just like how those in my pot turned out to be.

There is no limitation to how many orders you can make per table so if you ask me - just order 1 pot per person . Perhaps one pot curry fish head and one pot Assam fish head .

The other dishes are passable but don’t present as much value as the fishhead .

The service is really friendly and accommodating 👍 and the restaurant is pleasant, modern and clean.