Thanks to @burpple ‘s beyond, I managed to grab a 1-for-1 weekend brunch at Sarnies! Fry up and Truffle Scrambled Toast.

8 huge words and make you feel you should go: Super duper worth it, such a big portion. It could actually feed 3-4 pax!

Fry up is legit the most worth it breakfast, easily good for two paxs. My favourite is the potato and bacon, while the sausage feels odd when you bite into the middle portion. It felt a little raw and too thick i would say. The vegetables are not too bad, but I don’t feel fancy with them.

Lastly, coffee is really smooth and rich, no sight of any bitterness.

🤤 4/5
💸 $36.50 (for two paxes), inclusive of @burpple Beyond 1 for 1 main dish.
📍 @sarnies