At $5.90 a cup for any two flavors, I thought this was a pretty worthy deal to get right in town for some pretty legit Hokkaido ice cream.

The matcha was the perfect balance of bitter-sweet, while the black sesame bore an intense fragrance of roasted sesame seeds. I also managed to try the Hokkaido milk flavor, which was silky smooth and boasted the aroma of creamy fresh milk which wasn’t at all sweet and left a pleasant aftertaste in the palates. Light yet lasting, oxymoronic but that’s the sorcery of their ice cream (or gelato, rather).

Be prepared for snaking queues at night and on weekends too, as these babies are stacked fresh into each cone/cup delicately with such finesse that even the wait is made much more bearable watching the staff twirl and swirl their scoopers around.

I’d definitely recommending trying out the various flavors available on that day, before deciding which two flavors to pair together in a single cup. Try to get the more ‘japanese’ flavors as they can’t be easily found elsewhere!