We were at Le Matin Patisserie last weekend, trying their Grand Matin V2 box, a new range of classic pastries (clockwise from top left):

~Berry Danish: Traditional Danish pastry
filled with wild berry jam & native strawberry gum custard, topped with various fresh and semi-dried berries and glazed with a mulberry kombucha. It’s quite tart at the first bite, but subsequently it’s tangy & quite refreshing overall! Rating: 3.6/5

~Cardamon Bun: Traditional Scandinavian Cardamom buns with almond tuile and bergamot. Loved the nice soft texture of the bun that can be pulled apart easily, and also the crunch and fragrance from the almond tuile & bergamot respectively! Rating: 3.7/5

~Cashew Tart: Crispy nutty pastry shell filled with cashew & saffron frangipane with orange blossom scented mulberries, topped with a cashew nougatine and saffron dust. Cashew nut lovers will definitely enjoy this tart, as there is a really strong cashew taste in this! Rating: 3.6/5

~Vanilla & Salted Caramel Flan: This is their interpretation of the classic French flan. It’s a flaky pastry filled with salted caramel and luscious vanilla custard, baked till caramelized, then glazed with more vanilla. We thought taste-wise this was decent, but the flavours did not ‘wow’ us. Rating: 3.2/5

~Macadamia & Mango Pepito: This is our favourite pastry of the set! It’s a sourdough croissant pastry layered with macadamia paste and mango jam, with sprinkles of mango, yuzu, and caramelised white chocolate. Loved the texture of the outer layer and the harmonious flavours inside!
Rating: 4.2/5

Grand Matin V2 is available for pick-up and delivery! 🌐: https://www.lematinpatisserie.com/

🏷 Le Matin Patisserie
📍 10, Block B Raeburn Park, #01-25, Singapore 088702
⏰ Wed-Sun: 8am to 5pm

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