The O List

Price Range: $5-$7

O for: Odious

What is popular here?
PopCorn [$5.90]
Basically Garrett Popcorn sourced from the outlet round the corner, sitting atop a McDonald's $1.50 Sundae, albeit drizzled in honey instead.

Organic Cotton Candy [$5.90]
Havent tried this pricey poof in a cup, but you're better off taking your chances with this than a marked-up knockoff of a Hot Fudge Sundae.

What should I try instead?
Milkcow's better take on the Promised Land is just a stone's throw away from [email protected]

What more can I say about a place where word-of-mouth has singlehandedly melted the ice-cream brand's reputation?
There's a reason why no one queues for Honey Creme anymore, lol.