Since I was in Kuala Lumpur for just one night, it was imperative that I squeeze in supper, despite the worryingly distended state of my belly after a most spectacular meal at Nadodi KL (a proper post about this hosted dinner will come soon). And whom better to test my limits with than my KL-based foodies-in-crime - Gail (IG: @borntobegreedy) and Anita (@anitaeats).
Thanks to Anita, we ended up at this no-name “zi char” stall on Jalan Sarawak, Pudu (but I am guessing that is the correct geotag) where she ordered two kinds of stirfried noodles and a soup called “Bak Khee Thng” from the elderly gentleman who obviously knows his way around a wok.
Shown above are the KL style of “Charcoal Fried Hokkien Mee” and the raw egg-topped “Moonlight Hor Fun” that arrived after a few minutes of waiting time. Both blackish, glossy beauties came covered in crispy pieces of pork lard. To be expected, they boasted a good amount of “wok hei” and were really tasty albeit being oily.
I would return just to have these again and with an empty stomach the next time, in order to do them proper justice 😆