Leon Kee’s bak kut teh is more herbal than peppery, but that’s exactly why I love it. The brown, translucent broth is chock full of stellar savory flavors and heady herbal hints wafting from each and every sumptuous spoonful. The broth is rich and leans toward the heavier side despite being a clear soup. Forget chicken soup, Leon Kee’s herbal BKT is all you need even if you’re not sick.

Of course, that massive, juicy rack immersed in that luscious liquid will make many men (and women) very, VERY happy. The pork ribs are quite literally fall off the bone tender, and hours of being boiled in the smashing soup have infused every last fiber of it with all sorts of delicious, herbal and tasty flavors.

Forget boring old veggies and nuts, this soup should be classified as a soup-er food, I tell ya.