My first thoughts when I stepped in was: this isn’t just a normal Tzechar store - it was extremely “zhng-Ed” up, with a very modernised touch in terms of decorations as well as how vibrant the place is. Saw many people holding their reunion dinners there too, really makes for a comforting family meal together!

I’ve read loads about the wok hei of the food so I was really excited to try their signature dishes! Honestly their menu leaves you spoilt for choice, it has a slight modern twist compared to your typical Tze char store- but I eventually settled for some of their signature dishes.

The BBQ pork cheek was pretty special, both tender and lean - an elevated version of your typical Char Shao. The Singapore style chilli prawns was a unique adaptation of the usual chilli crab. But the mantou is a must to complement the flavourful sauce. Crunchy on the exterior, warm and fluffy on the inside. Each mantou was just 50 cents which had me yearning for more!

The prices are slightly steep for alacarte dishes, but regardless I’ll be back to try more variety! 😌